The CRM for Medical Institution (NDA)

NDA Medical CRM, the project meant to organize daily routine of medical workers across different realms of medical intitution.

Client's background

The client, as the committed director of a leading medical institution, oversees a skilled team of healthcare professionals, including doctors. With a focus on patient-centered care, innovation, and community engagement, the director ensures the institution excels in delivering cutting-edge medical services. This dedication reflects a commitment to providing the community with top-notch healthcare standards.


Efficient Workflow: AI-powered software streamlines administrative tasks, allowing doctors to focus more on patient care by automating appointment scheduling, reminders, and documentation.

Enhanced Decision Support: Intelligent algorithms analyze patient data, providing doctors with valuable insights for informed decision-making, personalized treatment plans, and better patient outcomes.

Time Savings: Automation of routine tasks, such as billing and prescription management, saves valuable time for doctors, enabling them to dedicate more attention to their patients.

Improved Accuracy: AI-driven diagnostic tools assist doctors in interpreting complex medical data, leading to more accurate diagnoses and proactive treatment strategies.

Customized Patient Care: AI algorithms can analyze patient histories to identify patterns, enabling doctors to tailor treatments based on individual health profiles for a more personalized and effective approach.

Enhanced Communication: AI-powered communication tools facilitate seamless collaboration among healthcare providers, promoting efficient information exchange and collaborative decision-making.

Patient Engagement: Interactive AI interfaces enhance patient engagement by providing relevant health information, appointment reminders, and answers to common queries, fostering a proactive and informed patient community.

Continuous Learning: AI systems can keep doctors updated on the latest medical research, trends, and treatment protocols, contributing to ongoing professional development.

Customer's feedback

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Dark / Light Mod

Makes appointment process easier

Managing appointments in a doctor's schedule is now more seamless than ever. Patients can view a comprehensive list of available slots, accompanied by detailed descriptions and information about the treating physician. Just pick a preferred appointment slot, select a suitable date, and the scheduling process is effortlessly completed.

Schedule automation

Patients management is straighforward

Efficient patient management has never been simpler. Individuals can easily access a list of available appointments, each accompanied by detailed information about the treating healthcare professional. Select your preferred appointment, choose a convenient date, and effortlessly complete the process for streamlined patient management."

Patients management

Better personal management

Personal can now explore a variety of options, each accompanied by detailed information about the respective task or goal. Simply choose the task, set a suitable timeline, and complete the process effortlessly for effective personal management.

Personal management


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